For a Sweeter Beyond

I wanted to spend some time writing today, as my blog has not been as fluid and updated as I had hoped. It seems only fitting that my last entry was about my personal living space, which in the last few weeks has drastically changed. I recently closed the door on my time in Richmond, VA to start and nurture a life with my boyfriend in New York. Packing my bags, Marty and my little jungle, off we go! 

Amber Parker Photography 

Amber Parker Photography 

In my three years living in Richmond I managed to acquire an array of awesome things and also a few boxes of junk. Knowing how limited we were on space in the city, I decided to part with the majority of my possessions, because let’s face it; I’ll probably never have an apartment in New York City that can comfortably fit my 8 foot mid-century sofa. Once I started the process of letting go, it started to feel natural and I was able to make space in my life for all the things I would be gaining. Moving is such an odd process, one that I am no stranger to. There is a peculiar sensation in physically going through your home and having to give value to every item, especially when you are downsizing to a much smaller space. Passing every item, from every drawer into your hands, reliving that memory and deciding if it serves a purpose or has enough weight in your scope of life to make the cut for the move; I’m sure many folks would not consider the things I chose to be essential, or important when faced with the spatial limitations that I had to work around. I guess that is part of what makes moving an emotional and mysterious journey.

The unpacking process is quite different on the other hand. With each box you open you find a little bit more of home and a way to incorporate those things into a shared space. Slowly my plants have settled into their new little nooks around our apartment, Marty has claimed his place on the couch (also known as the entire couch) and little reminders of life before make the beyond a bit sweeter. 

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