A Bright Spot

There is something powerful when hard work, tough decisions and a little creativity all come together to remind you that you are on the right path. Richmond has given me a wonderful community of talented friends and loads of inspiration to keep all of that New York City energy in me alive. Recently I have been lucky enough to build a great friendship and wonderful working relationship with Wendy Umanoff, of Umanoff Design. Her aesthetic, energy, and repurposing of familiar objects lends itself to a calming and inspiring space. Including me in a recent project, Wendy shared her creative process, experience, and many talents with me to create a beautiful light fixture that hangs equally as a sculpture and bearer of light. To read about the details, makers and process of this beautiful piece please click here

(Photo Credits, Design and Orignial Blog Post belong to Wendy Umanoff/Umanoff Design)

Casey GodloveComment