Vintage Sideboard Makeover

I've been on a bit of a mid century overload lately, so I was excited when I found this abandoned project at a favorite thrift store. Luckily someone had done the hard part of stripping this piece and I had been looking for something to try a few distressing techniques on. I was turned off by the strange drawer pulls, but once I removed them I realized that they were just attached wrong, so that was an easy fix. One door pull is missing, but I'm sure I'll find something perfect for both doors while junking. 

I wanted a rich navy blue to give the piece a more masculine look and decided that the wood on top was just too beautiful to paint, so I sanded and stained it a warm wood tone. 

After painting the drawers, doors and shell I hit it with a 220 grit sandpaper to achieve the distressing. I'm really digging the texture and highlights that appeared from distressing. The contrast between the wood tone and the navy really updates the whole piece!