Styled Industrial Desk

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend and spring break! Now that it's back to work, I thought I'd start off the week with some inspiration. As promised, I'm here to share my finished desk design that includes this badass factory door. I found this gem at a local thrift store and immediately knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. This sucker is huge! Over 8 feet tall and 3.5 feet wide, he weighs about 200 pounds and was used in an old factory as a sliding door. Here he is waiting for his new home at the thrift store! 

I thought this door would work perfectly with my desk and the plan was to use it as an oversized magnet board. I really just wanted to pile it with junk that inspires me and to be able to display some photos. Since my desk is also huge, I really needed something that visually brought the eye up so the room would be balanced. 

I used vintage pottery to hold some of my paintbrushes, business cards and other odds and ends. To add some depth and a graphic detail I attached some magnets to old brushes and woodworking tools that really give the board a more eclectic appeal. I also framed a few magazine covers that feature my work and always keep me inspired and motivated. 

My awesome green fan was a sweet deal and I love the contrast it provides with it's surroundings. The bright red C was a find my Mom passed along to me and adds a great pop of color. This really is the perfect desk for me, since there is plenty of room to pile all of my junk finds on and easy to change around. I love the impact and texture of the factory door and so happy it has a new home! 

Hope this inspires some repurposing ideas for everyone this week! 

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