Yard Sale Junkie

These cool, spring mornings have such a feeling of nostalgia and remind me that my favorite season is among us again. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing those two words, Yard Sale, on a neon poster pointing towards the oldest house on the block! I have so many great memories of those early Saturday mornings with my Mom, driving around the oldest parts of town, following the signs and enjoying the hunt. That's what it is really about, the hunt for that perfect treasure. Digging around in those dingy boxes, looking past the ugly paint for potential was always the perfect way to spend those Saturdays. Those are the days that I received my junking education; the days that I learned how to identify McCoy pottery, to envision a new purpose for everything around me and how to haggle. Sometimes there wasn't much at the yard sale to buy, but the chance to walk through the old house was worth stopping for just to see the inside.  There were times that my Mom would drag some piece of strange junk home, all of us looking at her like she had finally lost her marbles, and quietly one day she would turn it into the most awesome treasure, our faith in her abilities restored; leaving me envious of her new treasure. I didn't know it then, but she was preparing me for a life of loving junk. She was teaching me how to see cast away objects as repurposed pieces of art. It's those mornings that influence my aesthetic and that have cultivated a love for design. Even now, when I go home, I see all those wonderful yard sale finds and the memories make each piece so much more special. So, set those alarm clocks and get ready for another exciting season of junking! 

Just a few recent thrifting finds...

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