Mid-Century Dresser Rehab


I recently stumbled upon this low dresser at a local thrift shop and fell in love with the pointed legs and clean lines. The piece was pretty beat up and in need of some major TLC. I knew I would have to paint the top since it was laminate and the sides would need some wood filler to make sure it came out smooth. The game plan was to paint the shell and try to save the veneer on the drawers. 


You can see that the finish is pretty beat up and the color is a little muted and boring. I started off by stripping the drawers and sanding them down. 

I filled in all the damage on the shell of the dresser with wood filler and sanded it down. I also sanded the laminate top so that the paint would adhere. I used an enamel high gloss paint because I wanted an almost glass like finish. 

I love that this dresser has a new life and really just fits in with any decor! What do y'all think? 

Casey Godlove2 Comments